Azzopardi and Associates Firm was set-up in 2002. Since then, the firm has provided its services meeting excellent standards to individuals and various public and private organisations such as Electric Vehicle Management Ltd. , Malta Resource Authority, and Carnego Systems Ltd. Please refer to projects for further details.

Consultancy services are provided to various sectors within the energy industry and the higher, further and vocational education and research institutions. Please contact us for further details.

The following services may be provided:

  • Proposal Writing, Management and/or Review
  • High Voltage Electrical Systems Design and Certification
  • Energy Performance Certification (Domestic)
  • Energy Audit Reports
  • Site Technical Officer - Demolition | Excavation | Construction
  • Independent Court Expert
  • European Commission Expert
  • Education Programme Accreditation
  • Education Programme Delivery
  • Strategy and Management in Education Sector
  • Strategy and Management in Utility Sector
  • Interpersonal Skills Workshops